10 Simple Ways To Build Your Buyers List

Here are ten ways to build a buyers list for real estate wholesaling:

  1. Networking: Attend local real estate events, meetups, and conferences to connect with potential buyers and build your network.
  2. Online advertising: Utilize online advertising platforms such as Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn to target potential buyers and promote your properties.
  3. Direct mail: Use direct mail to reach potential buyers with targeted marketing materials, such as postcards or brochures.
  4. Referrals: Ask for referrals from current buyers, as well as from real estate agents, lenders, and other professionals in the industry.
  5. Database: Build and maintain a database of potential buyers, including their contact information and preferences for property types and locations.
  6. Website: Develop a professional website that showcases your properties and provides information for potential buyers.
  7. Social media: Utilize social media platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram, to promote your properties and engage with potential buyers.
  8. Open houses: Host open houses for properties you have available for wholesale, and gather contact information from attendees who may be interested in future opportunities.
  9. Telemarketing: Make use of telemarketing to reach potential buyers with information about your properties and your services.
  10. Collaboration: Work with other real estate wholesalers and investors to pool resources and build a shared list of buyers.